COEM was looking for a way to combine their love for vinyl & music, with a clever idea to present that music.

For their latest album -12 NOTES - the band collected 250 different, orphaned, old record sleeves from several second hand stores. Sleeves that were forgotten, and left behind, without their precious content: the vinyl record itself.

COEM decided to upcycle these sleeves. Why not re-use and screenprint them, with a new design on top?

No sooner said than done; a design was made & the sleeves were printed by the bandmembers themselves at KOPIJ, an enthusiastic printclub from Hasselt.

By saving out the characters on the black printed layer, each sleeve became a unique & sparkling design!


Now the sleeves are printed, but the album, -TWELVE NOTES - has not been recorded yet. And that's where we need you!
Come to one of our concerts, where COEM will play the record live. If you like the music, you can choose a unique sleeve to buy for 25€, by means of crowdfunding..

For 25€ you will not only receive this record sleeve, it is also an invitation to join us at the live recording session, that will occur on the 7th of June, 2014 in Hasselt. Once the album is recorded, you will also receive the vinyl record and a digital release, in case you don't own a record player.

So, spread the word, we look forward to seeing you soon!

Marc, Jo, Stoffel, Patrick & Tom

COEM: concept & printing
STIJN SEGERS: graphic design & printing